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Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Giants 4 – August 6, 2015

Enhanced Box Scores

Want to concoct the most stressful game possible? Get the Cubs out to a huge early lead in a critical game, and then command that they score no more runs the rest of the way. Watch as the other team chips away at the lead and comes closer and closer to inducing horror.


I will not make it to October.

Thankfully, the Cubs did hold on in this one, and the bullpen by and large was fantastic in early relief of Jason Hammel, who wasn’t altogether bad. But, after a couple walks in the 5th, Joe Maddon wasn’t taking any chances (and Justin Grimm got out of the inning to confirm that decision).

First game of the series down. Keep going this weekend.

august 6 box

Full box score.


Brett Taylor

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