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Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 8, Giants 6 – August 8, 2015

Enhanced Box Scores

The best bad thing about being at today’s game is that the bleachers were so packed that I never even found a place to sit, and instead took in the game on my tippy toes from the upper platform area behind the right field bleachers – a platform that didn’t exist until this year, and hadn’t had more than 10 or 20 people on it at the games I’d been at earlier this year. This time, even the platform area was packed.


In the early innings, it was packed with revelry and booze (and, don’t mistake me: it was fun). In the late innings, it was packed with tension.

The Cubs once again knocked out a Giants starter early and added against the bullpen. Kyle Hendricks was solid, and the middle relief innings were great. The 9th … man. That tested your gumption.

august 8 box

Full box score.


Brett Taylor

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