As I said yesterday when Chase Utley was making his way through – and ultimately clearing – waivers: because the San Francisco Giants remain a primary threat the Chicago Cubs in the Wild Card race, and because the Giants have a possible short-term need at second base, the Utley story is going to be relevant even if the Cubs don’t go after him.

And, what do you know:

Even after Panik returns, if Utley is healthy and playing well, the Giants can move guys around to accommodate him or make him a utility/lefty bench bat.

Morosi’s report came only a little bit after Jon Heyman was suggesting it could be the Cubs as the best fit (not sure I see it that way):

Then again, Heyman did build in the Panik injury caveat, so perhaps the Giants are getting a little anxious in that regard.

Keep in mind, the Giants also have a shot at the NL West, so their incentive to make every possible upgrade is slightly higher than for the Cubs, even if Utley doesn’t project to be a terribly costly addition.

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