If I’d’ve told you coming into this series that the Cubs would score eight runs in BOTH games, you’d probably be thinking a sweep happened, right?

Well, a sweep did happen, but not by the Cubs. For the second straight night, the Cubs’ starter was slapped around early by the eager Tigers bats – seriously, give their advance scouts a raise, because clearly they knew some things – and, despite the Cubs’ offense battling back, the game slipped away (this time, very away) in the later innings.

Kris Bryant had four hits, including a homer, and a walk. Dexter Fowler had three hits, including a homer. And Kyle Schwarber had another homer, as well as a walk. On most nights, that’s going to result in a huge Cubs win.

Unfortunately, there were just relentless. Moving on.

august 19 box

Full box score.

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