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Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Pirates 1 – September 15, 2015

Enhanced Box Scores

Take a three-game losing streak – all games the Cubs could have won late – and combine it with a doubleheader against the team ahead of the Cubs in the standings. Then pair that with a nightcap game that the Cubs need to win to avoid the doubleheader sweep, and have lots and lots of runners on base for the Cubs that don’t score. Give the Cubs a one-run lead in the final few innings.


Watch my chest explode.

I was crushing pretzels in that 9th inning like it was my job, but the Cubs held on to win a 2-1 game over the Pirates despite all those runners left on base and missed opportunities.

The defense was fantastic tonight, and this guy … THIS GUY …

sept 15 box 2

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Brett Taylor

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