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Various Free Agent Predictions for the Cubs: Price, Span, Fowler, Cueto, Lackey, Upton

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denard span nationalsOver the weekend, with free agency fully opening up, a few publications got into the prediction game. If you keep your wits about you – predicting the decision of dozens of free agents is, well, impossible – they can be interesting reads nevertheless.

Here’s MLBTR’s set of predictions, here is FanGraphs‘, and here is the New York Post‘s.

Some thoughts …

  • Each of MLBTR and the Post predict David Price to the Cubs, which is not going to be an uncommon prediction given the obvious connection. FanGraphs has the Cubs instead opting for Johnny Cueto, a less expensive option.
  • Other players predicted to sign with the Cubs in the trio of articles include John Lackey, Denard Span, Justin Upton(?), and Dexter Fowler in both the Post and FanGraphs.


  • The Post predictions have the Cubs netting all of Price, Upton, and Fowler, at a total outlay of $461 million. I … do not see that happening.
  • I find Cueto intriguing, and if he came at half the price of Price, you’d certainly have to consider it. I’m just not sure he’s the Cubs’ top next-tier target.
  • Span at three years and $39 million, as MLBTR predicts, is interesting. From where I sit, a one-year deal is much more desirable for the Cubs, but 3/$39M is not too egregiously risky.
  • The range of predictions on Fowler is four years and $50 to $60 million. A touch higher than a no-brainer on trying to bring him back, but 4/$50M would be mighty tempting.



Brett Taylor

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