It’s been a forgone conclusion since, oh, about March, but now it’s official:

The vote was unanimous in favor of Bryant, as it should have been. Matt Duffy was a clear second, and Jung-Ho Kang was a clear third.

Bryant wound up leading the positional Cubs in WAR by a full win (6.5 to Anthony Rizzo’s 5.5), and should get some down-the-ball MVP votes, too, after his spectacular rookie campaign. He deserved this award and then some.

Bryant is the Cubs’ first Rookie of the Year winner since Geovany Soto in 2008 (Chris Coghlan won it the next year, but with the Marlins). Before that, it was Kerry Wood in 1998, and, before that, it was Jerome Walton in 1989, and before that, it was Ken Hubbs and Billy Williams back-to-back in 1961-62.

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