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Ken Rosenthal Pegs Price to Cubs if He Had to Bet, Mentions Greinke as Possibility

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david priceI’ve got some things loaded up to post throughout the day today while the family and I are dancing with Mickey, but I wanted to get out something really quickly this morning before we departed. Forgive the brevity.


Ken Rosenthal writes today about five teams that aren’t obvious as suitors for top free agent starters David Price or Zack Greinke, but should be (that group of teams is actually fairly surprising, given that it’s many of the top spending teams, and it’s an interesting read for that reason, alone).

In the article, though, he mentions that the Cubs, Giants, Cardinals, Dodgers, and Red Sox are the “obvious suitors” for Price and Greinke (yes, that’s another Cubs-Greinke mention, if you’re keeping track). And, on those pitchers, Rosenthal says his best guess is that Greinke winds up with the Giants, and Price winds up with the Cubs.

A guess is just a guess, of course, but Rosenthal’s guesses are more informed than most. You’ll recall, Rosenthal is the one who reported on Price’s strong interest in signing with the Cubs.



Brett Taylor

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