Anthony Rizzo's Off-the-Field Prowess and Other Bullets

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Anthony Rizzo’s Off-the-Field Prowess and Other Bullets

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anthony rizzo mbdchicagoWas talking to The Little Girl about the difference between “cinnamon” and “synonym” yesterday, and when you say them together enough in quick succession, you can no longer say either of them correctly.

  • Entering the 2015 season, pitching prospect Corey Black was among the young arms whom many thought could emerge as big league bullpen pieces by the end of the season. But he struggled to adjust to his new role in the bullpen at AA Tennessee, and it wound up being a tough year for the 24-year-old righty – notably, the strikeouts did tick up in the pen, but the walks didn’t come down. There’s still big league reliever upside there because of the good fastball and the stuff, but the Cubs didn’t add him to the 40-man roster last Friday, meaning he’s exposed in the Rule 5 Draft.
  • I mention all of that because of this great read at on Black, who worked with Ryan Dempster, a special assistant with the Cubs, on his conversation to the bullpen. Here’s hoping the Cubs are able to retain Black into 2016, and he breaks out.
  • He does seem like a boss who gets it:

  • I am so impressed by this youngster, who plows through the national anthem despite a serious case of the hiccups. It’s also really funny, but in a sweet way.
  • The Sporting News with the nine worst decisions in MLB this year – I was pleased to see no Cubs mentions.
  • Cubs on Amazon: OFFICIALLY licensed LIGHT up personal Cubs fan. All of those words have meaning.
  • Off-topic, but worth it:


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