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Hanging Onto Versatile Pitching Depth is Neat and Other Bullets

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travis wood cubsLast season was truly so, so special, but sometimes I wake up and start typing on here and pinch myself about all the Cubs’ young talent that we’re going to get to watch for years. Nothing is guaranteed, but just imagine that you were the fan of another team, gazing jealously upon the group the Cubs broke in last year.

  • The Cubs made their tender decisions last night, which included a pre-tender contract agreement with lefty swing man Clayton Richard. His deal with the Cubs is for $2 million, which is on the upper end of what I was expecting for him, but he was always a really tough one to gauge, given his significant big league experience, and then his time out of the big leagues with the arm injury. I’m glad that the Cubs decided to keep him (and Travis Wood, obviously), though, because they simply have so little back-end rotation depth right now that you need several just-in-case guys around. And who better to be a just-in-case rotation guy than someone who has already demonstrated the ability to pitch very well out of the bullpen? A couple million bucks isn’t too much to risk (especially when you remember that (1) he could still be traded, and (2) if he’s a train wreck in Spring Training, he can be let go for termination pay) for the Cubs right now. You could say all of that stuff for Wood, too, and just bump the dollar figure up to $6.5 to $7 million. It’s all still true.
  • Having both Richard and Wood in the fold, together with four other clear starting pitchers, allows just a little more comfort and cover as the Cubs continue pursuing other starting pitching options.




Brett Taylor

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