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Cubs GM Jed Hoyer Says There is No Urgency to Make Another Deal

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jed hoyer speaks featureYesterday, we discussed at length the question of whether this Chicago Cubs team must add another starting pitcher before the offseason ends. Although I think everyone can see the rationale behind making such a move, I think everyone also recognizes that it’s not an absolute must when the roster is already so good, deep, and versatile.

While he didn’t speak to that pitching issue, specifically, Cubs GM Jed Hoyer was just on the radio with Carmen and Jurko on ESPN 1000, and he did touch upon what else the Cubs might need to do.

If I could paraphrase what caught my ear, it was essentially the idea that the front office is comfortable with the roster as it is today. But if a deal comes along that looks good and makes sense to improve the team, they’ll consider it. I’ve mentioned it before, but this is the enviable position the Cubs have put themselves in: anything else they would do from here on out is gravy. And you don’t have to have to have gravy, even if it does enhance those mashed potatoes slightly.


If teams want to try and pry loose the Cubs’ young positional talent, they can take a swing at it. The Cubs, in the meantime, can play the part of an unsatisfied Veruca Salt, dismissing anything that isn’t enough (minus the impatience and petulance).

Hoyer added that it was very satisfying to see how strong the Cubs were late in the year because they had such quality players to bring in off the bench, and how they were able to rest players. Attrition happens over the course of a season, and having significant depth allows you to fill those voids that appear (and to stave some of them off with additional rest throughout the early parts of the season). Having “too many position players” is not really a concern for Hoyer or the Cubs, because it can just as easily lead to an advantage during the season as it could lead to any kind of trade in the offseason.

From the fan perspective, then, you can rest easy knowing that the front office isn’t done working to improve the team if something comes along, but you should know that the feeling is that this is a very good team, as is.


Brett Taylor

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