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Single-Team Option Coming to Next Year for Out-of-Market Fans

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mlb tv featureGood news for folks looking for a more economical option next season: Nathaniel Grow at FanGraphs discovered in a lawsuit filing that MLB will offer single-team packages next year. Presumably, you’d be able to sign up for just one team on for a reduced price from the overall, every-game package.


You should note that, if you’re within the Cubs’ blackout region, those blackouts will almost certainly persist into next year (so don’t plan on buying this package if you’re in Chicago – every single game would be blacked out for you!). This option appears that it will be available only for out-of-market fans. Hopefully other in-market streaming options become available for folks in the Cubs’ blackout region – it’s being worked on as we speak.

So, plan ahead if you’re thinking about getting next year. I’ll have more details for folks next year when they are released – and a gentle, thankful reminder: if you purchase your subscription by going there from BN links like this, you support BN in the process. The link is also always available at the top of the page.


Brett Taylor

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