david ross cubsI’ve been doing the green tea thing every day for a couple weeks now, and while I’m still not into the taste, I can tolerate it just fine. And it really does seem to give me a boost of focus/energy unrelated to the caffeine (because it’s a different feeling from when I have coffee or soda – I still have one each of those every day, too). Maybe it’s just the placebo effect, because I read somewhere that green tea is supposed to give you that kind of boost, or maybe it’s legit. It’s fine with me either way, and I hope it continues.

  • I enjoyed this look back from Buster Olney on moves before or during the 2015 season that proved to be very important to how the season played out. Most are obvious, but the one Cubs-related move that slips in there is not what you’d expect. It wasn’t the addition of Jon Lester or Miguel Montero, for example (or even the Joe Maddon signing, if that counts). It was the David Ross signing. Olney isn’t saying that these were THE top moves last year, mind you, just that they deserve some special mention.
  • Sure, even that might be a stretch on the Ross signing, and Olney ties it to the leadership change, but it’s not utterly insane, given the impact Ross had on the Cubs’ young clubhouse. It’s easy to dismiss that kind of thing as hokum, but when you think about how well so many of the Cubs’ young players performed, is it really so hard to consider the possibility that Ross’s leadership improved a number of players’ performance just a little bit? And when you sum up that combined impact, plus his defensive and pitch-framing value, maybe the total impact was really significant? I suspect it was. I can’t give you a number on it, but I really do suspect it was.


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