chicago cubs logo featureIn anticipation of the Chicago Cubs avoiding arbitration with a player or two or five today – the deadline for exchanging salary requests – I’ve pre-prepared a draft post that I can fill in with bullet-type things as settlements come in throughout the day. I’ll be at the Cubs Convention for most of the afternoon and evening, and, if history is my guide, I won’t be able to get enough service to do more than peck in a little info on my phone and update a post like this.

So, then, if everything has gone according to plan, I just finished pecking in a little update on my phone below these words, and I managed to get this baby published. I’ll keep updating it throughout the day as other news on the arbitration front comes out.

UPDATE: This will be an easy one, as everyone – Coghlan, Wood, Rondon, Strop, Grimm, Warren – has settled except Jake Arrieta. The Cubs offered $7.5 million for 2016, and Arrieta requested $13 million.

The sides will almost certainly settle before a hearing. I’m at the Convention now, so I’ll have much more on all of this later.

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