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Picking the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central and Other Bullets

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chicago cubs hype trainThe Little Boy is home sick with me for the second straight day because he’s got pneumonia. Oof. To his credit, he seems relatively cheery under the circumstances, but I still feel so bad for the little guy.

  • The Washington Post picks the Chicago Cubs to win the NL Central, which is probably going to be a theme throughout whatever period of time there where publications are picking teams for things. It would be pretty hard – if not transparently click-baity – to not pick the Cubs to win the Central right now, if you are truly taking an objective, on-paper look at the teams in the division. Sure, I can think of a dozen reasons why the Cubs might not, in reality, go on to win the Central. Baseball is like that. But you’re kidding yourself if you’re not picking them as the top team, on paper, in the division right now.



Brett Taylor

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