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Up All Night: Ron Santo Memories and 10 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

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For Chicago Cubs fans, number 10 is Ron Santo. If I’m thinking about the Cubs, and I see the number 10, I think of Ron Santo.


Santo passed away in December 2010. His number flies on the flagpole at Wrigley Field. His statue graces the exterior of the park. His exuberant voice echoes in the minds of anyone who ever heard him on the radio.

I thought about Santo today when I considered that we’re 10 days away from the Cubs’ pitchers and catchers officially reporting to Mesa, Arizona to begin Spring Training. Ronnie would have been getting excited, I’m sure. Actually, strike that. He’d have already long been excited.

In honor of Number 10, and the 10 days remaining before Cubs pitchers and catchers report – and because we’re up all night anyway – here’s Ronnie basking in the excitement of an Aramis Ramirez walk-off homer, together with Pat Hughes:

Here’s an homage to Santo from the Hall of Fame, which finally granted him long-deserved admission a year after his death:

Here’s how the Cubs sent a heel-clicking tribute out to Santo the day he was enshrined in Cooperstown:

And here’s a short tribute to the man from


Brett Taylor

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