Even in Spring Training, interesting trades can percolate:

The Reds sure do love them some three-team trades that result in them acquiring a prospect package that folks question. Such was the case in the Todd Frazier deal, and, if they get Angels “B” prospects for Bruce, it’ll happen again. To be sure, Bruce doesn’t have a ton of trade value after two straight extremely down offensive seasons, but the Angels have one of the thinnest farm systems in baseball, so I can’t imagine this ending in a notable haul for the Reds.

If a deal goes through, it’ll be yet another slight shift in the NL Central, making the Reds a little worse (assuming Bruce was going to bounce back slightly this year), and disproportionately helping the Cubs, Cardinals, and Pirates in the Wild Card race.

UPDATE: Sounds like something will happen:

That’s not a nothing step, as each of Bruce and Saunders have had issues, but most deals that reach this stage seem to finish up.

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