I honestly don’t know what this is going to be about, but it seems like it’ll be worth paying attention to:

Notably, the Cubs’ Mastercard pre-sale for single game tickets starts tomorrow, though this tease is clearly for some other kind of event.

I could speculate, based on the hashtag, that there will be some hitting going on … and some tickets involved … a prize maybe? I have no inside information, and I love mysteries.

But I do hope it’s a competition to hit dingers at Wrigley Field for tickets like the Rangers recently did.*

Of course, I’m heading out to Arizona tomorrow for a few Spring Training days, so I won’t be able to participate in whatever it is. Might not even be able to observe the mystery unfolding. Head’s up, Michael and Luis and Luke!


*I kinda doubt it’s that. But, hey, mystery!!!

UPDATE: A little more info:

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