Today’s Dexter Fowler revelation was unquestionably fun, exciting, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

That being the case, though, you know that the story behind the story – how a player seemingly goes from already “signed” by one team to showing up at Spring Training with another – must have some crazy twists and turns.

On that front, Fowler’s agent issued a harshly-worded statement for the Orioles and the media:

Fowler’s free agency was already fraught with frustrations and unfairness thanks to the qualifying offer system. We may not quite know the particulars of what happened with the Orioles – and now the initial report of a signing got out there – but it seems clear that there is still a lot of frustration. Is the implication here that the Orioles tried to use the media to pressure Fowler’s camp? It’s hard to say, and I don’t want to do too much in-between-the-lines reading.

I’m certainly happy to see Fowler back with the Cubs, and I very much hope he kills it in 2016, and earns himself a huge payday next offseason.

I also think it’s appropriate in these moments to take a step back and continue to evaluate how we report, curate, analyze, and share trade/signing rumors. I’m not sure our little shop here would have done anything differently – sharing a credible national report, and then analyzing it appropriately – but it’s always fair to self-reflect.

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