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A Moment to Take In Non-Fowler-Related Bullets and Other Bullets

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kris bryant cubs watchingYou will notice a striking lack of Fowler-Coghlan-Brooks-crazy-day-yesterday-huh bits in the Bullets, and that’s because an entire separate set of Bullets is coming later today for all that stuff. Stay tuned for that.

  • In non-Fowler rumors, Austin Jackson reportedly turned down a one-year, $5/6 million offer from the Angels. It’s crazy to think that it’s all he’ll be able to find this year, but it really might be the case – look at what Fowler wound up taking from the Cubs (effectively one year and $13 million).
  • More on Jason Hammel’s offseason makeover here, including a full-on Jake-Arrieta-style beard. We talked recently about what a big year this is for Hammel and the Cubs, not just for the purposes of competing in 2016, but also for the rotation in 2017.


  • A look at contact rates for third basemen reveals what we already suspected about Kris Bryant: he hits the ball in the air a ton, and, when he does, he hits it well. But he didn’t hit many liners last year, and his groundballs tended to be weakly hit. Bryant has worked on flattening out his swing, which could improve not only the quality of his non-fly-ball contact, but also simply could improve his contact rate overall. And as long as he can pull off that trick without sacrificing too much fly ball power, it’ll be a good thing.

  • All right, one kinda sorta Fowler-related thing:

  • And lastly, the one, sad, little video I was able to get yesterday from live BP in between the craziness and various commitments:


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