It was Leap Day on Earth and apparently that meant it was time for wackiness at Cubs camp (not that Joe Maddon and crew really ever need a particular excuse for the sublimely absurd).

Maddon put his new groovy van to good use, rockin’ out with a 70s style appearance, which featured Maddon in full garb, Munenori Kawasaki as a cowboy, a clown, and much more.

I really, really love this team:

The Cubs also did a little fun Q&A thing on Twitter, with Kawasaki cracking me up, even though I don’t speak Japanese (I especially love the kiss):

Justin Grimm won the dance party, clearly:

But Addison Russell still thinks he’s got the best moves:

There are more of these there at @Cubs, so check ’em out.

The Cubs also got in some work today, of course:

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