After some time to decide what to do about his injured thumb, St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Jhonny Peralta opted for surgery, which will have him out for a while. Certainly it’s better now than after the season started, but he’s still going to miss a chunk of the regular season.

How much is a matter of some discussion, as earlier reports indicated he would miss two to three months, but Mark Saxon reports it could be longer:

That would be half the season lost by Peralta, who remains very important to the Cardinals, even as his production slipped dramatically in 2015. The Cardinals do have some in-house replacement options, though it’s unclear if any will be as effective offensively and/or defensively as Peralta. Projections had Peralta worth between two and three wins this season.

Perhaps the Cardinals can convince a still-fit Ozzie Smith to come out of retirement for a few months.

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