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Watch Anthony Rizzo Grow Up as Part of Cubs New Ad Campaign

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The Chicago Cubs are employing a new ad campaign, highlighting their players as youngsters. You can read about the campaign here at Crain’s Chicago, which includes fun pictures of Cubs players a little baseball players (although there was a point in Jake Arrieta’s life when he did not have a beard, apparently there was no point in Kris Bryant’s life when he didn’t have a sparkle in his eye).

I have a feeling this is the kind of campaign that’s really going to land well with fans, who are always seeking out ways to connect to the players on the teams they love. Moreover, when you do something like this, you show fans just how human the players are; how, even if they’re superstars today, they were once like you and me. Just kids, looking to throw the ball around.

The first TV spot is out, and it features Anthony Rizzo (who’s also already been in a great MLB At Bat commercial). It’s about Rizzo’s journey from kid to star Cubs ballplayer, and it’s really awesome:

(And if you look very closely, you can see a guest appearance by the poop emoji.)


Brett Taylor

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