Did Sports Illustrated Jinx the Cubs? Nah, It's Fine and Other Bullets

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Did Sports Illustrated Jinx the Cubs? Nah, It’s Fine and Other Bullets

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By the time you’re reading this, if I’ve been strong enough, The Wife and I are somewhere on the trails at Camelback Mountain, hopefully reaching its apex around noonish eastern time. Feel free to check my Twitter to see if the cliche mountaintop shots show up (and taunt me if they don’t (unless I fell or something, in which case WHY ARE YOU SHAMING ME YOU MONSTER?!)).

I’m pretty excited to see if we can do it, and just how hard it is.

So, did Sports Illustrated do the cover jinx things to the Cubs? Here’s the cover:

  • Eh. It’s hard to say the Cubs are now jinxed unless you also say the Astros, Mets, and Giants are also jinxed, since the Cubs’ was just one of four team covers. Also: jinxes aren’t real. So, I guess in summation, Sports Illustrated did not jinx the Cubs. They just put a nice, friendly-looking picture on the cover. (And also wrote an article in which the Cubs go to the World Series, but lose to the Astros.)
  • Neil Ramirez says he’s still healthy, and got the weak contact he was looking for in his last outing, despite the down results (Cubs.com). Out of options, the Cubs will have a decision to make on Ramirez very soon.
  • Tommy La Stella (calf) is slowly getting healthy, having run the bases yesterday and playing in the field soon (ESPN).
  • Joe Maddon offered his take on Donald Trump’s threats about taking out attack ads aimed at the Cubs’ owners for running a bad team, and it’s a really fun read at CSN, even if Maddon managed not to get too political.
  • This Tribune article on Jake Arrieta is full of praise for the Cy Young winner, but I especially enjoyed the part where the scout told other teams to swing early because falling behind Arrieta is an at bat death sentence, but also swinging early at the fastball just induces outs, and that’s what Arrieta wants. So, hit the early slider-cutter, I guess? (A note for other teams: that also will not work.)
  • Random fun at BIF, as a Reds catcher fails to throw out a basestealer because he plunks the pitcher instead.
  • It says it’s a “boys” Cubs hoodie, but do you think I can squeeze into the extra large? Because I love this thing, and I can’t find the men’s version.
  • Check this out because mimes and Cubs, but then also click that there “follow” button:


Author: Brett Taylor

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