The 2016 installment of MLB The Show released today – and you should buy it via Amazon! – and you may have noticed that Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo has featured prominently in the promotions:

He even played the game in Arizona against Eric Hosmer, who’s also been very involved on the promotional side:

Although this is at least 80% an excuse to tell you to buy the game on Amazon, with whom BN has a promotional relationship, it’s at least 20% to note that utilizing the game’s stars in this way, even in connection to a product, is excellent marketing for the sport. That’s especially true when the product, a video game, is used widely by the younger audience the sport seeks to court.

That is all to say: I love seeing Anthony Rizzo in these promotions (and these ones), not only because I’m a Cubs fan and it’s good to see him getting his due, but also because I think it’s good for the sport.

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