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Enhanced Box Score: Brewers 5, Cubs 3 – May 19, 2016

Enhanced Box Scores

This whole series was like someone pouring a jar of spoiled molasses down the back of your shirt. I’ll leave that simile hanging out there unexplained.


Even last night’s win was fun only in a macabre, late-night delirium kind of way.

Once again today, the Cubs’ bats could not put together much in the way of consistently impressive at bats, or even too much hard contact. Worse, they repeatedly swung through – what looked to me to be – extremely hittable pitches, right there in the zone. It was strange, and not necessarily limited to any one hitter or any one pitcher (though Junior Guerra clearly had the Cubs’ number, striking out 11).

They were close enough to win, as they were on Tuesday, but couldn’t come through. Stinky effin’ molasses.

Jason Hammel didn’t pitch poorly today, but those fly balls that had stayed in the yard all season long finally started to find the seats. It happens eventually for every pitcher, and it was the difference today (plus the Cubs’ bats).


may 19 box

Full box score.


Brett Taylor

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