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Enhanced Box Score: American League 4, National League 2 – July 12, 2016

Enhanced Box Scores

Well, the Cubs did their part, making some fine plays in the field, notching a couple hits, and generally contributing to the NL’s performance last night. Kris Bryant had a rocket homer in the first inning to account for 50% of the NL’s scoring. Anthony Rizzo also had a hit. Unfortunately, the Cubs’ starters got yanked an at bat early in this one, leaving many of their replacements to get one more at bat than they did. Shrug.

Jon Lester pitched an inning – well, it would have been a full inning if not for a boot at shortstop by Corey Seager:


The American League got all the offense it needed from a couple Royals homers, and that was that. No home-field advantage in the World Series for the Cubs the NL pennant winner, but at least they’ll get a potential extra game with the use of a designated hitter.


The NL probably could have taken this one with a little more timely hitting, but you know how that goes …

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Full box score.


Brett Taylor

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