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Dee Gordon Has Some Finger-Wagging Fun, But Willson Contreras Has the Last Wag

Chicago Cubs News

Willson Contreras has a killer arm behind home plate. Heck, he’s got a killer arm in left field, too. If he wants to take a shot at a guy, from anywhere on the field, I say let it rip.

For example, after a single in the 5th inning last night, Dee Gordon was taking an aggressive lead at first base when Contreras tried old snap throw to first. He didn’t quite get Gordon, but he did get a finger wag and a head shake:

It’s all in good fun, of course.

Especially because Contreras nailed Gordon at second base on the very next pitch with a perfect throw. That’s a rocket arm and a perfect throw (and, as usual, a beautiful tag by Javy Baez).

But the best part? Contreras returned the fun and the wag:



Brett Taylor

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