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Javy Baez Makes a Routine Javy Baez Play – Which Means He Did Something Awesome (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs News

It’s rare that a game goes by these days without Javy Baez pulling off something incredible on defense.

So when it got to be the 8th inning last night and it hadn’t happened yet, it was fair to wonder: were the end times nigh? Were frogs about to rain from the sky?

Nope. Just incredibly plays from Javy Baez and a smooth, arcing throw over from a knee over at third base:

There’s so much skill and agility on display there, not to mention arm strength. Pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. knows what’s up:

And check out the smile from Baez after the play. Even he knows: he just does this stuff. It reminds me of Michael Jordan’s famous shrug from the first game of the 1992 NBA Finals, after he hit six threes in the first half and scored 35 points – it’s like, “I don’t know how, I’m just doing it.”

No, the stakes aren’t quite as high here, obviously … but, hey, maybe Baez can pull off a few incredible defensive plays when the Cubs reach the Wo … never mind. Can’t say it.




Brett Taylor

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