The Trade Deadline is here!

No, not that Trade Deadline. The one that comes on July 31 (well, August 1 this year) is called the “non-waiver trade deadline” because it’s the deadline by which teams can freely trade players back and forth with no real restrictions.

After the non-waiver trade deadline, deals can still be made, but they’re subject to the waiver system we discussed earlier this month. And boy has that market been quiet this year.

Today marks the end of August – relevant for playoff roster stuff and September call-up stuff – and it’s also relevant because it is the last day that a new player can be added from outside the organization and still be eligible for a playoff roster. Thus, it’s the Waiver Trade Deadline.

So, then, you could look for a few last-minute deals around baseball today, though you probably won’t see the Cubs making any external moves given the already present depth and talent on the roster.

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