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Javy Gonna Javy, Jason Gonna Jason: Your Daily Dose of Defensive Goodness (VIDEOS)

Chicago Cubs News

Chicago Cubs infielder Javy Baez played yesterday, which is to say that he did at least one thoroughly enjoyable thing on defense.

First up, an extremely well-executed bunt by Jake Marisnick that is probably a hit 95 out of 100 times. Unfortunately for Marisnick, this was one of those five times, and now he’ll know that it’s just not worth bunting at Javy Baez:


Even in the broadcasters’ voices you can hear what goes through all of our heads on a play like that, “Yes, we know how difficult that play is, and how perfectly he executed it, but he does these crazy awesome things all the time, so it’s just kinda like you nod your head and think yeah that’s Javy bein’ Javy.”

Baez wasn’t the only one showing off his naturally impressive defensive chops last night. There was also Jason Heyward doing what he does in the outfield:

Underscoring just how good that catch was:

He was basically perfect, which is what you would have had to be to cover 120(!) feet to make that catch. As we’ve said, Heyward’s bat has had its struggles this year, but the defense certainly hasn’t.



Brett Taylor

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