With the Marlins game going on, as well as the first presidential debate, it’s fair to say that there were some distractions tonight.

The Cubs were not distracted.

The Cubs’ bats came ready to go in tonight’s game, blowing up like this game was the difference between going home and a playoff ticket. On the pitching side, of course, Kyle Hendricks just did as he does, dropping his ERA under 2.00 for the first time this year. Hector Rondon gave up a couple homers and didn’t look too sharp, which is not what you want to see with the playoffs a little over a week away – but then, it’s tough to judge a guy on a “get your work in” type outing. We saw that very same thing with him in Spring Training, and he was more than fine when the real bell rung. Hopefully this is just that, and not any kind of lingering issue tied to the triceps injury that cost him time in August.

In the end, it was a game with a lot of fun numbers …


Full box score.

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