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Hendricks Health, Uneven Offense, Bandwagon Fans, and Other Bullets

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Yesterday was a nice extension of the night before, something of a hazy, joyful blur. It’s very odd, then, to try to get back to “normal” today, particularly when the Cubs don’t play their NLCS opener for two more days. We can at least watch Dodgers-Nationals tonight, though, for a little relevant baseball drama.

About this weekend: I’m planning to once again watch Game One of the series at Yak-Zies on Clark, across from Wrigley Field. So, if you don’t have plans and want to watch among friends, stop by. I’ll be going to Game Two, thanks to an extremely generous friend.


  • Kyle Hendricks threw on the side before Tuesday’s NLDS winner, saying he was “good to go” ( Hendricks exited Game Two of the series after taking a line drive off of his pitching forearm. Although the Cubs haven’t announced their NLCS rotation yet, you can safely assume Jon Lester will open the series regardless of the opponent. From there, I’d still bet Hendricks gets game two, as he’s not appreciably worse against lefties or righties (the Dodgers rely heavily on lefties).
  • A reminder that things will go wrong in the postseason, and a team that wins in the end will have had to overcome them (CSN). For the Cubs, it’s pretty incredible to think that they just won a series 3-1 despite getting very little at the plate from guys like Dexter Fowler, Anthony Rizzo, and Addison Russell, getting short starts from Kyle Hendricks and John Lackey, seeing the bullpen blow a game, never quite having an offensive breakout, and netting just eight walks total in the entire series.
  • Pitchers who rake:

  • Not sure anyone’s gonna pass Wood at this point.


  • I believe Mark Lazerus was tweeting these things about the Blackhawks, but they really apply to any fan base, including and especially the Cubs:

  • I think that’s all so spot on. Cubs fans seem to have a particular affection for telling everyone how long they’ve been fans – which is fine, except when it’s used as some kind of bizarre and judgey benchmark. If there’s someone out there who wants to get whole hog into the Cubs this season because they see how fun/good/popular/whatever the Cubs are, then by all means come aboard. Know what you know and know what you don’t, of course, but otherwise, I say no limitations. Why hug only a few people after a Travis Wood dinger when you can hug 50? Hugs are great!


  • If you didn’t see this morning, you can watch Cubs prospect baseball today online at 2:35pm CT.
  • Speaking of the AFL, Tim Tebow’s debut included crashing face first into the outfield wall.
  • Various tailgating supplies and snacks are the deal of the day at Amazon.


Brett Taylor

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