As we know, the Ricketts Family’s renovation of Wrigley Field (and the surrounding neighborhood) has been going on for quite some time, and a great deal has already been accomplished; however, the work is still far from finished.

In fact, by the looks of this fantastic aerial video from WGN, Wrigley Field looks more like a brand new construction zone than the home of the 2016 World Series Champions.

Check it out:

There’s no infield or visitors dugout to speak of, the outfield is full of heavy machinery, and the seats behind home plate have completely disappeared! There’s a huge hole back there! AHHHH!!!

But this is the face of progress!

Even still, I can’t help but be oddly saddened by the current state of Wrigley Field – not because I am against the renovations and changes (nothing could be further from the truth), but because it is a powerful reminder that baseball isn’t starting up in a few days or weeks.

Instead, it’ll be 92 days until we see the Cubs square up against the Cardinals in St. Louis on Opening Night, and another eight until they’re back on the North Side.

But when they finally do return and raise the World Series trophy in the air, they’ll be doing it at a vastly improved Wrigley Field. And that’s all right by me.

There just so happens to be a long (construction-filled) road ahead. See you then.

Oh, and one more look from the ground as I walked out for lunch today:

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