Cubs pitchers and catchers report to Spring Tr …

Wait. Let me start that again.

Pitchers and catchers *FOR THE WORLD CHAMPION CHICAGO CUBS* will report to Spring Training in under two weeks. I could not be more ready.


In the spirit of the season, the Cubs today put out what I’d call a different kind of hype video. It’s just people loading a truck. But it’s not just any truck, and it’s not just anything they’re putting in there. It gets me excited:

Seeing the gear get loaded up, complete with labels – those are Ben Zobrist’s shoes! that’s Addison Russell’s mail! – gets me all the more ready for Spring Training.

That truck will roll on its way to Mesa, Arizona, and the first official marker of the 2017 season will soon be underway.

It’s OK to squeal a little bit.


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