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Spring Training Miscellany: World Series Rally, Relay Competition, Prospects, Cricket, More

Chicago Cubs News

It was Cubs World Series Championship Rally 2.0 Day!

Well, I don’t think that’s what they called it, but there was a rally in Mesa, Arizona at the Cubs’ Spring Training facilities to celebrate the organization’s first championship in 108 years. No, the turnout wasn’t quite the literally-United-States’-largest-gathering-in-history thing that the rally in Chicago created, but it was still a very good crowd when you consider the location:


Some more shots here at the Tribune:

It’s something, but it’s no Bunt Tournament (remember that?):


The big news of the day was Pedro Strop getting an extension:

As usual, John Arguello has some fantastic profile shots of Cubs players, including some youngsters you may not yet have seen:


Maybe Anthony Rizzo is the next two-sport star:

If you missed it, Javy Baez took a sweet ride to the park today, and also got a sweet new tattoo:


I would hang out with those folks:

Gonna pimp this one more time, since it’s a good deal:


Brett Taylor

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