After a much-maligned 2016 season and obsessively discussed offseason swing changes, Jason Heyward entered the day 0-15 on the spring.

Not that an 0-15 stretch couldn’t happen at any time to any player, and not that results in Spring Training tell us much of anything useful, but it would still be nice to see Heyward maybe get a little extra boost of confidence from having a torrid spring. That doesn’t look to be happening, even as there have legitimately been times when the swing looks improved and solid contact has resulted.

Today, though, Heyward finally notched his first hit, and it was one that nobody was going to catch:

That was a serious shot. It’s hard to tell from the angle what the pitch was, or even how Heyward’s swing looked, but hey, the contact was obviously extremely hard there.

I’ll take it. So will Heyward.

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