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Jed Hoyer Has Serious Confidence in Kyle Schwarber (Because Obviously)

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Thinking back on Kyle Schwarber’s return to the World Series, the best I could sum things up came in a post at the start of this year:

In retrospect, it was absolutely nuts to think Schwarber could contribute meaningfully. And it was something we routinely said when the topic of a Schwarber World Series return came up again and again from conspiracy theorists in the summer months: even if Schwarber were physically able to swing a bat with the torque necessary to be effective, it is implausible to think that he could just pick up a bat after such a long layoff and do it against the best pitchers in the world.

Kyle Schwarber does not respect implausible. Nothing is nuts.

Kyle Schwarber does not respect implausible. Yeah. That.


Today, Chicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer hopped on 670 the Score, and he was asked about Schwarber’s home run potential this year. I think he answered perfectly:

That total seems extremely high, when you consider everything … but how could you bet against this guy? Give me the over on everything and all things Kyle Schwarber until he demonstrates otherwise.



Brett Taylor

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