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So, Ryan Braun Is Pretty Open About His Hatred for the Length of Spring Training

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Ryan Braun probably doesn’t have too many non-Milwaukee-based baseball fans these days, after a disputed positive PED test led to nasty public criticism of a test collector who was just trying to do his job. Reportedly, Braun tried to discredit the test collector as being an anti-Semitic Cubs fan. It was later revealed and admitted, of course, that Braun did in fact use PEDs.

In any case, he served his time, and that’s in the past, and all that stuff. I’m only mentioning it up front as an acknowledgement that Braun is probably not super popular around here.


He probably won’t get any additional love for the particular way he chose to express his thoughts about Spring Training:

Until the last two lines, I might’ve said, “Ah, he’s just being a little hyperbolic and jokey.” But, well, he’s not.

The broader point there is a fair one, as Spring Training games go on longer than is probably necessary at this point. But the month of games has become such a cultural (and, let’s be honest, financial) moment for the cities where the games are played, and for the fans who watch the process as hype builds for the regular season, that I don’t see it shrinking significantly any time soon.



Brett Taylor

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