He’s still going strong!

Former Chicago Cubs catcher and current team exec David Ross is still dancing away on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” offering up a Cubs-focused first appearance, an early-90’s move-buster, and now this ‘Magic Mike’-inspired oh-dear-god-he’s-taking-off-his-shirt …


I’ve gotta say up front that I could not have more respect for David Ross for having the balls – as Jake Arrieta put it after Ross’s first performance – to put himself out there and do these routines. Even for a former professional baseball player who is used to competing on a public stage, this cannot possibly be easy, purely from a confidence standpoint (to say nothing of actually learning and executing the dances).

All that said, I can’t say I entirely disagree with Anthony Rizzo’s reaction to the performance:


The judges were once again relatively impressed by Ross and his partner, Lindsay Arnold (though Ross did most of the work-work-work-work-work this week), and they’ll be back again next week.

Show it off, Grandpa! Oh, it’s a shirt:

God help me, I am into a dancing competition!

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