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Fun Read of the Day: Why Does Addison Russell Have a Kris-Bryant-Signed Pokémon Card?

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Last night, The Wife was asking me about the fan perception of various Cubs players as we were watching the game, particularly from the perspective of possible new, young fans (she’s a teacher). When we got to Addison Russell, I offered that he was probably especially relatable to younger fans, because he’s not only really good, playing a prominent position, but he also strikes me as quietly cool (dude can daaaance!). Plus, I added, he collects Pokémon cards.


If you were unaware, earlier this year, during a Cubs Snapchat session, Russell revealed his collection of the trading cards for the game, and it was a nice, humanizing moment (as well as a reminder that Russell is on the young side, having just turned 23 in January).

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But what’s actually the deal with the collection? Why is he so into it? And, more specifically, why does he have a Charizard card signed by Kris Bryant?

Well, to get those answers – and to find out which cards Anthony Rizzo and John Lackey (yes, grizzled vet John Lackey) signed for Russell – you’re going to have to read Sahadev Sharma’s newest fun piece for The Athletic (free to read for all):



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