When your star is on the rise, national brands take notice. One of the historically most prominent when it comes to athletes, of course, is Gatorade.

And they’ve got a new face to add to the stable of star athletes:


As we’ve seen Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo take center stage for the Cubs as they rose to a championship (with many other members of the team getting plenty of focus, too), Schwarber was working hard behind the scenes. It had to be a tough year for him, especially when you consider his would-have-been coming out party in the 2015 playoffs.

But he got his chance in the World Series, did the impossible, and now he, too, is getting national attention. I love it.

I find this all especially fun in the context of the latest Bryzzo Souvenir Company video, which had Schwarber “finally” getting an employee of the month nod. Get yours, Kyle.

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