Today’s off-day gave the various Chicago Cubs an opportunity to kick back, soak in the joy of last night’s festivities and win, and relish in the knowledge that their World Series odds are already looking extremely bright.

For Kris Bryant, however, it was just another day to get to work.


OK, so not exactly a typical day of work. But he did take batting practice, like always. It’s just that he took that BP downtown, and into the Chicago river:


That’s pretty awesome, and looks like a lot of fun. I love seeing all the kayakers out there looking for a souvenir like they were in McCovey Cove out in San Francisco.

I suppose that’s a “don’t try this at home” situation, though, as you not only might fail in your attempts to put the ball in the river, I’m not sure the city of Chicago is as interested in having your dingers splash down there as Bryant’s.

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