Were it not for a robbery in Milwaukee, Jason Heyward would already have a homer this year.

So it is, though, that Heyward came to Cincinnati with the rest of the Cubs a homerless dude who was otherwise hitting the ball reasonably well. Thankfully for him, Reds pitching and Great American Ballpark are a wonderful thing for opposing hitters.


Although it probably didn’t matter what ballpark the Cubs were in tonight, because this baby was going out no matter what:


That is an absolute missile right there. The full video is here at MLB.com.


Sure, the pitch was dead freaking center:

… but you’ve still got to do damage when the pitcher makes a mistake. And that’s what Heyward did.

Heyward’s been having a good start to his year so far, if you missed Michael’s deep dive yesterday into the advanced metrics and batted ball data.

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