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David Ross is Some Kind of Sci-Fi Salsa Guy in His Latest at ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (VIDEO)

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I’m not saying the Cubs can control the weather, but they’ve now had two very long rain delays that lasted just long enough on Monday nights to show David Ross on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on the video board at Wrigley Field. Very convenient, Cubs …


As for Ross’s latest on ABC, he and his partner Lindsay Arnold did a “sci-fi salsa” that earned them their highest marks in a while:

I feel like watching ‘Mars Attacks!’ all of a sudden.

It seems like Ross had a lot more energy this week than last, perhaps feeling more comfortable with the dance, and showing off his strength, whipping his partner around like a baseball bat.

It wasn’t enough to put the outside the bottom two, though, and they ultimately had to participate in a dance off to stay alive in the competition:


On to fight another week:


Brett Taylor

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