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One Great Thing About Yesterday: Miguel Montero and His Wife Became U.S. Citizens

Chicago Cubs News

Yesterday wasn’t all bad news and terrible days.

After six years as a resident alien, and then eight months of work and studying, Chicago Cubs catcher Miguel Montero, who is from Venezuela, is now a U.S. citizen:

Together with his wife, Montero took his citizenship test yesterday, and now it’s official. That’s extremely cool.


Montero said he was too tired from Sunday night’s game in Boston to be nervous about his test, and that it’s an exciting time for his family (Tribune). He added that if he quizzed his teammates about the things you need to know to pass the citizenship test, half couldn’t pass.

He also added this zinger about a certain Canadian righty:

Congrats to the Montero family on working hard to accomplish something that most of us were simply born into.


Brett Taylor

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