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You Didn’t Really Think Ian Happ Would Make It His Entire Debut Without Homering, Right? (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs Highlights

This year at AAA, it has seemed like you couldn’t go two days without hearing word of another Ian Happ homer. He just has that hard contact and loft working this year.


So, with his call up today, even against a tough arm like Carlos Martinez, you didn’t really think he was gonna go the WHOLE game without homering, right?

Heh, I exaggerate, but … yeah, he did the thing:

I guess you can’t pitch Happ below the strike zone, or he’ll do that. It wasn’t at all a bad pitch from Martinez, but Happ has that loft working.

That was no cheapy, either:

The blast brought the Cubs to within two in the game, and we’ll see where it goes from there. For today, it was a great moment for the Cubs rookie. (UPDATE: Crud. It didn’t go well.)


Happ joins a proud group of recent Cubs rookies who’ve dinged a dong in their big league debut:


Brett Taylor

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