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WATCH: Albert Almora Jr. Goes FLYING to Make a Tremendous Catch

Chicago Cubs Highlights

With the arrival of Ian Happ, and the frequent reconfiguration of the defense, we haven’t seen a lot of Albert Almora Jr. in center field.


And if we haven’t seen a lot of Albert Almora Jr. in center field, that means we haven’t seen a lot of him doing incredible things. Thankfully, he got the start tonight, and immediately got to work impressing us (via MLB Network):

Just look how much ground Almora had to cover to get anywhere near that Brandon Belt shot, and then the full-out commitment to snagging it once he got there.

Too bad Almora couldn’t catch the homer John Lackey gave up earlier in the inning. I guess he’s not *that* committed.


I kid, of course (Almora did kinda try to climb the wall for that one, which was five rows deep). Almora is all kinds of special in the outfield, and it’s good to see him out there having an immediate impact.


Brett Taylor

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