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I’m in a Glass Case of Emotion: Watch as Cubs Head Out on ‘Anchorman’ Road Trip

Cubs Humor

It feels like forever since we’ve seen a good Joe Maddon-endorsed theme road trip, but the Cubs busted their first of the season out tonight.


The team is headed out west to take on the Dodgers in Los Angeles and then the Padres in San Diego, the latter being home to Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 news team from ‘Anchorman.’ Thus, the theme for the trip is the movie … ? Or the characters? Or the ’70s in general? Just ‘Sex Panther’ cologne?

Whatever the case, the Cubs look humorous, and the team put together a video of the start of the trip:

Pedro Strop’s shoes, for the win.

It had to be a lot more fun to do this coming off of a win today, and a 3-1 series win over the Giants. These theme trips always land a little more thinly when the Cubs just lost a heartbreaker.

And some more shots of the team, with obligatory ‘Anchorman’ quips:


Brett Taylor

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