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Crazy Old Joe Maddon: Leadoff Hitter Anthony Rizzo Opens the Game with a Monster HR (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs Highlights

When Anthony Rizzo spilled the beans earlier today that he’d be hitting leadoff tonight, the reaction around the Cubs fan world was a mix of “whaaaaaat?” and “whatever at this point, man”.


On a mid-day appearance on The Score, Joe Maddon explained that the move was designed to shake things up a little bit and buoy the players’ spirits. Which, well, kinda sounds like a mix of the Cubs fan reaction.

So naturally, Rizzo opened the game with a dang monster home run (via 120Sports):

That’s one way to show your approval of a new – even if temporary – spot in the batting order, and to maximize your production with the increased plate appearances.

The thing was absolutely hammered, too:


Brett Taylor

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